What Makes The World Of Dice Legacy Special

The world of Dice Legacy is a bit uncommon and unlike other more canonical city builders. You know at this point that the game is set in a mysterious Ringworld although, from a flora and fauna point of view, it looks very familiar.

The player moves forward on the ring rather linearly, exploring it bit by bit. We call the area outside the player’s settlement “The Wildlands”. The Wildlands are, at the start of the game, covered by a thick fog, not unlike the fog of war of traditional strategy games. Using explorers will uncover the fog, but locations will still have to be explored individually. When a location is explored, it will clear the fog from other nearby locations. Additionally there’s a chance that the explorer will find some extra resources there or could get wounded in the process. The difficulty of the exploration is dependant on how far the location is from the player’s territory. A long journey is always dangerous.

As the territory grows, the player will get the chance to expand the settlement further and further, eventually coming across some Bandits camps. These ravagers will target the player’s buildings to steal resources and will have to be disposed of rather quickly.

Alongside mines, forests, meadows and hunting fields, the player will also discover some ancient ruins. These are leftovers of an ancient civilization and are a chance for the player to not only get some extra resources or knowledge, but also get a glimpse at the lore of Dice Legacy.

Underneath the survival city building gameplay and roguelike elements, Dice Legacy hides a layer of lore which we hope players will have fun in uncovering. Much of the story of Dice Legacy is told through exploration and random bits that can be gathered while venturing in The Wildlands or while interacting with the other factions present on The Ring.

Some encampments can be discovered by the player. The population of these encampments are always a bit uncanny, but with some patience, or some gold, they can become good allies of the player. There are three main faction encampments that can be found.

The first one are the Warriors. They’re a small warrior society only interested in plunder. They could represent a serious threat for the player and will have to be dealt with with care.

The second one are the Merchants. They’re only interested in coin and getting a good deal. They represent an interesting opportunity for the player to exchange goods or obtain rare resources.

Finally there is the Religious ones. They’re a small sect devoted to the adoration of an ancient deity. They might be harder to convince and won’t have many goods to offer, but eventually could be useful to the player in some for or another.

These encampments can be interacted with in various ways including pillaging them for resources, should the player decide to go for a very aggressive strategy. As the relationship with these encampments evolves, the player will get a chance to uncover part of their story and where they come from.

Eventually, the player will reach the opposite side of the continent, where The Others live. They are quite strange people living in dilapidated buildings and wearing worn out clothes. The player will be able to interact with them and they might even give out the impression that despite the look, they’re not so bad.

In the end though, they will show themselves for who they really are and move against the player. Their city is built on the coast and among their buildings there is a large cathedral. Their behavior is quite fanatical, resembling a cult of some kind. There will be a lot to uncover regarding their identity and their motives, if the player is able to survive their wrath.

But something even more threatening than The Others lies beyond their city. In the depths of the ocaean resides an ancient being. What its connection is to The Others will be left for the player to discover.

This is just a glimpse at the world of Dice Legacy and we plan to share more about the game in the upcoming weeks so make sure to follow Dice Legacy on Twitter, Facebook and our development blog right here. Lastly, the quickest way to reach out to us is our Discord server, where you can also apply to become an Alpha tester.
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